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FOX News
May 2, 2014 2:00am PDT
on fox news channel. >>> new information about the missing malaysia plane and how long it was gone before anyone noticed. overnight malaysia officials releasing a preliminary report on the disappearance of flight 370 showing investigators waited hours to start looking for the jet. no one realized it was missing until 17 minutes after it had gone off the radar and rescue operations did not start for four hours after that. meanwhile, family members are outraged after being told to move out of hotels and return home for news. malaysian airlines will close down its family assistance centers by may 7th. >>> it's not exactly what you want to see on your beach vacation. yeah. several popular beaches in australia shut down after a helicopter spots a 16-foot great white shark close to the shore. the shark apparently stalking a whale before heading north. >>> now on those pet alligators. the florida family that owns the reptiles had to give them up to the theme park gatorland. park officials took the alligators measuring 72 inches and six feet with the help of their owner. larry miller said he plan
FOX News
Apr 29, 2014 2:00am PDT
. >> the air search for the missing malaysia jet officially called off. focus shifts to the under daughter hunt f-- under water h. they are bringing in the best sonar equipment. it will continue to search the sea floor. the expanded under water search could take at least eight months. >> the outrage continues over donald sterling allege he had rapist comments. the nba is expected to make a decision today about all of that. the man at the center of the controversy magic johnson is speaking out about this. >> the fallout does continue. some sponsors are threatening to remove their support. his comments about blacks is stirring up frustration and anger among players. among the basketball great magic johnson who personally knows the clipper's owner. a tophoto of johnson with his girlfriend is what sparked the racist tirade raid. >> i saw someone i admired. i admire magic johnson. he's made a lot of changes for his community for the world for the people for the minority. he is helped a lot of people. >> i am finished talking to you. i have nothing more to say. >> i took a picture with someone i add
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2